3 Tips For Busy Parents to Attend to Their Kids From West Ridge Academy

We live in an incredibly fast-paced environment. Parents, whose only wish is to be able to provide better conditions and security for their family, often find themselves juggling two or three jobs simultaneously. Given this situation, we dare ask: can these busy parents still find time to nurture a worthwhile relationship with their kids? According to West Ridge Academy, the answer is a resounding yes! Despite the apparent lack of time to spend with each other, it is still definitely possible for parents to still have a very loving and caring relationship with the kids. Below are some key things that busy parents can consider in order to make the best out of their limited time with their children. Make sure that the time that you spend with your children is high quality. Since in this situation it is already given that you will not have much time to spend with your kids, then it is imperative that whatever little time that you can manage to spend with them be high quality. As much as possible, eliminate all distractions so you could concentrate on having the best possible time with each other. It is also important that you discuss what’s going on in their lives: such as school updates, their hobbies, their friends, etc. This will allow you to spot some red flags if ever, just in case they might be starting to go with the wrong crowd or messing up with some stuff that’s not good for them. You must take advantage of the opportunity by saying everything that you wish to express to them during these rare times that you are seeing each other. Just be aware that the delivery of the message is also as important as the message itself, as they may turn on you if you happen to be too harsh on them during these particular moments. While you may justify yourself by saying that you are only doing your job as a parent, it is still not a reason to stop treating your kids as human beings first and foremost. In this manner, they will always be respectful not only to you as their parent but also to all the other people that they encounter, because that’s the way that they have been brought up. Try to have dinner with the entire family every night, if it’s possible. You can have a variety of topics to discuss over dinner. Food has that magical quality of being able to loosen everybody up and make the discussions as informal as possible. Take note however that all family discussions should always be treated as a two-way street. This means that you must also be willing to open up about your life to them if you expect them to be completely up front with you about what’s going on with theirs. Your honesty and transparency in opening up about certain topics to them will surely be appreciated and will gain you valuable trust points with them. To reiterate, you must ensure that all distractions such as TV, radio, mobile phones, or any other outside influences should be set aside while you are having dinner. Only you and your family’s voices, stories and laughter should be heard reverberating around the dinner table as much as possible. West Ridge Academy says that you must look for activities that will allow all of the family members to participate simultaneously. Because of the limited time that you will be able to spend with your family, it’s critical that you engage in activities that the entire family can participate. When it comes to these activities, every one in the family should particpate, with no exceptions. You must remember: the family that plays together, stays together.

West Ridge Academy: Parents Can Help Their Kids Conquer Their Shyness

West Ridge Academy states that it’s just natural for kids to be shy up to a certain age. But after a certain age, timidity may have to be reined in otherwise it can be an impediment to them becoming socially mature individuals. Two or three-year old kids are normally shy when placed in a social environment. Most of them overcome this initial shyness rather easily though, once they get the hang of things and they find other kids to play with. Children over the age of three or four that still remain painfully shy may have to be given more attention. Even though some people are inherently shy, most of them actually conquer their shyness if they are asked to articulate their opinions on certain matters. Shyness can become a burden however once a person allows it to win and he retreats in fear when faced with a social situation, thus effectively stifling your creativity or your chance at making acquaintances. West Ridge Academy says that to ensure that your child will not fall prey to this debilitating social impediment and live his life to the fullest extent possible, you need to take note of the following factors: Acceptance: Do not pressure your child into becoming something that he is not. As already mentioned earlier, shyness per se is not really bad if it’s the natural tendency of the child as long as he is conscious of this and develops the ability of overcoming it if necessary. Avoid attacking his shyness directly as a fault, as he may lose his self-esteem even more and this is the exact opposite of what you want to happen. It is important that you focus on his positive attributes and emphasize to him the need for voicing his opinion if necessary. Do not use labels: You must never resort to using labels. Kids have the tendency of buying into these labels and accept that it’s who they are, meaning if you will label him as “shy” then he will permanently look at himself as shy and will no longer exert any effort to prove otherwise. Worse, he may even use this as an excuse in order to bail out on uncomfortable or difficult situations which he doesn’t feel like taking on. Encouragement: Do not push him into social situations. Rather, be creative in trying to come up with ways to cajole him into joining the group with his own intention. Holding his hand as you approach the group will be very helpful for him to overcome his shyness. Never compare him to other kids as he will feel inadequate and will lose his confidence even more. Practice: West Ridge Academy shares that you can actually shore up his confidence by resorting to role-play games, especially if you use his favorite characters in it. This will allow the child to visualize and internalize the things that need to be done in order to join a play group for example. Still using the role-play, ask your child for suggestions on how his teddy bear for example may be able to overcome certain awkward situations. Subconsciously, he will be able to absorb these strategies himself and apply it to actual situations.

Why Should Children Join A Sports Academy?

We all want our kids to play. Playing is an integral part of growing up. But children may face following problems if they play without adult supervision:

1. Bullying: This problem is faced by children who are younger than other kids in the group.

2. No open space: If one is staying in an independent house there will not be enough space for kids to run around and play games like soccer, tennis or cricket.

3. Lack of interpersonal skills to deal with other kids: Sometimes a child does not know how to deal with other kids. This problem is more if he comes from a nuclear family. This may result in frequent fights among kids requiring parental intervention. Parental intervention, in turn may result in fights among parents, making matter worse.

So what do we do? How can we make sure that our kids enjoy childhood play safely?

We want our children to play with kids of their age, have fun, and develop physical and interpersonal skills. A very plausible solution would be to make your child join a sports academy. Nowadays there are sports complexes in almost all neighborhoods.

Following are the benefits of joining a sports academy:

1. No bullying: A coach would be present to make sure that none of the kids misbehaves and there is fair play.

2. Enough open space: Kids will get enough space to run around and play.

3. Kids will develop interpersonal skills: There would be many kids of same age (sports complexes have separate groups for kids of different ages). Kids will learn to deal with each other under the supervision of the coach. They will learn to help each other. They will also learn sportsmanship.

4. Discipline: Kids will learn that they have to be on time. They will learn to follow rules and instructions.

5. Have fun: Coaches of smaller kids make special effort to make coaching enjoyable by including games that kids enjoy playing.

6. Develop physical skills: Kids will build stamina and develop physical skills. This will help them throughout life.

The result is that we have happy kids. They are happy because they are treated fairly. They are able to use their energy. They make new friends and play with them. They feel secure as they are under adult supervision. They become confident as they learn new skills and tricks of a game of their choice.

Kids Karate Academy

Many parents are looking for an activity which is suitable for their kids. The reason behind this is that as early as their children are young, it would be best to already expose them to wholesome activities. This is not only to prepare them for a brighter future but to ensure that they will get the best training that they could use when they become adults too.

However, this is actually hard for parents to do because kids, although easy to amuse, are choosy when it comes to activities. They want fun, adventure and anything that can arouse and satisfy their curiosity. Education is even not too interesting for kids, if you may have noticed your own child. Thus, an activity which is suitable for young kids is on which allows excitement yet gives ample benefits.

Count karate training in. With karate, your child will surely be the one who will tag your shirt and convince you to enroll him or her. Karate trainings have many benefits. One of this of course is the promise of at least methods of self-defense. As one may have noticed nowadays, children are easy targets of crimes. Rape, molestation, robber y and even bullying are still rising among young ones. With karate knowledge, a child will have more chances of escaping such dangerous circumstances.

Karate also has health benefits. It enhances the body’s physical strength and increases endurance. As young as they are, they are already aware of the importance of keeping one’s body healthy. In addition to that, karate also inculcates discipline in every child’s heart and mind.

The benefit list goes on and on. Yet with all these advantages, choosing a reliable and effective Kids Karate Academy is very important. Why? Because as parents you should know that you child is in the hands of safety. You cannot be sure that the academy which you enrolled him in will give the mentioned benefits. There are many karate schools that only serve as playgrounds and day-care centers. If you are serious with your quest to let your kid learn karate, the kids karate Academy must be of the top quality.

The first thing that a searching parent can do is browse the internet. It seems that everything is already in the internet nowadays and that does not exempt Kids Karate Academy websites. You can easily search for them in any search engine and scan through their profile and background. By this, you can also have a tentative idea on how much you will be spending in the future. After picking some options on the internet, you can personally visit them and inspect their premises. You must see to it that what you have read in their website is true.

Another option would be to use your connection. You can ask your friends, office mates and workmates if they know karate academies. This is a better idea because you will be getting genuine criticisms and comments about the academy. After that, you can easily walk through the academy and inquire for more information. After that, the next thing would be to bring your kid to it and introduce him or her in his new after school training ground.

Choosing a Child Care Company For your Family

When it comes to the safety of your child, you can never be too careful. There are numerous child care facilities in your area, yes, but not all of them are equal. It all boils down to what kind of care you wish to receive for your child. Some parents are very particular about what their child will be doing and what they will be eating at the child care center of their choosing. Other parents are a little more lenient on those aspects as long as the facility is located in a very safe area with exorbitant supervision. It all depends on your specific parenting style and what kind of care you expect your child to receive while in this facility.

Child care is a mega huge business in our great nation. There are plenty of facilities that would love to take care of your child while you are at work. Some of these places may differ a little bit in price and the kind of services they provide your child, but what it really boils down to is location. Traffic is a big issue no matter where you live (unless you are way out in the boonies!) so most parents will want to find a daycare that is either on the way home from their job site or close to their home. The facility being on the correct side of the road is always crucial, too. If you have to make a dangerous left hand turn from the parking lot then that could make it out of the question. Making a left turn from a stop light is much safer for everyone. This is something some parents may not think about when it comes time to choose a child care facility for their family, but it should be because no one wants to end their day frustrated over traffic issues.

It is never too soon to begin your research on these companies. If you have friends who also have children, make sure you ask them which child care places they use. They will be able to provide you a laundry list of things they like about these places and things they wish the place would improve on. Although your friends’ parenting styles may differ from yours, it is still a great way to get some feedback. Also, go online and read reviews of these facilities. People are always willing to share their experiences with the world on the internet.

Educational Mobile Apps For Kids

Education is a process of learning to improve ones knowledge, skills, values and habits. Apps are wonderful tools in these days to engage kids and young adults in this tecnological age. There are many free educational apps for kids. These free educational apps for kids help to support parents and educators in making students interested in learning.

There are so many apps in the Education category of the App Store, but trying to discover new apps can be time-consuming and unrewarding. You can find some of the best educational apps here based on our suggestions.

Cut the Rope Free:
Cut the rope to feed candy to little monster Om Nom®! 500 million downloads around the world of this phenomenal puzzle game. A mysterious package has arrived, and the little monster inside has only one request

The ABC Song:
An all in one collection of educational ABC activities and games, including the famous alphabet song in a vivid interactive and high quality production.

Preschool EduKidsRoom:
Amazing Fun Educational Games To Learn Colors, Shapes, Numbers, Letters, Time, Sorting and Much More!

Preschool Memory Match and Learn:
A unique, educational and fun Memory Match adventure, 130 items in 7 preschool categories with HD graphics and sounds. Preschool Memory Match is a comprehensive preschool activity of memory matching games.

The Wheels On The Bus:
An all in one activity center for children – complete child safe phone environment.Come and enjoy the classic song with your little ones. With 11 beautiful and colorful verses filled with fun interactions your children will play and learn at the same time!

The Seed:

The Seed lets children explore the Chinese world with their parents through a story on courage, educational mini-games and fun facts. With word highlights during narration and spot-on pronunciation

K12 Timed Reading & Comprehension Practice:

K12 Timed Reading & Comprehension Practice lets readers practice fluency, the ability to read smoothly and quickly, and comprehension, the ability to understand what was read

Kids Academy:

Learning to write has never been more fun! With Montessori Worksheets for Kids Free your kids will not only learn to write letters, but will also develop good handwriting skills

Reading Comprehension – Kindergarten :

Reading Comprehension for early reader. Short stories, reading layout that ‘s easy for the little kids to work with. – Super Reader is a simple educational program designed with young children grade K or 1 in mind

The Dream:

Designed by parents with kids in mind, The Dream makes a suitable casual, bedtime and homeschool read for children age 4 and above

An Exquisite Experience With Kids Dance Academy At Calgary

The saying €Good things always come in small packages€ holds true for exhilarating kids dance academy at Calgary. A result of blending new with old, kids dance academy at Calgary is a place where instructors train kids in a very effortless and efficient manner. Enthralling dance lessons, featuring a range of dance styles and intricate detailing of every dance form; this dance academy is a unique experience for every kid. It isn’t surprising this dance academy is an assortment of the various latest dance styles like- Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Modern, Hip hop. One of the growing trends is for these dance styles and replaces the traditional dance fashion.

One of the best among them is tap dancing which includes barre work, centre floor and progressions. Tap dancing can either be done with music following the beats provided, or without musical accompaniment. Tap dance is a form of dance characterized by using the sound of one’s shoes hitting the floor (or other surfaces) as a percussive instrument. As such, it is commonly considered to be a form of music. The sound is made by shoes with a metal €tap€ on the heel and toe. Sometimes tap dancers use their feet like drums to create rhythmic patterns and timely beats. This is something which is not easy to learn and follow but in dance classes proper pattern is followed to train the kids. In the beginning instructors start with warm – up to stretch the muscles of the legs and feet. In the earlier stages dancers have to practice a series of various basic steps, adding more difficult combinations as they become more skilled.

In the beginning many kids face a number of problems in learning these latest dance styles and trends but with involvement of efficient and skilled instructors it becomes very easy and convenient. The teachers make the kids learn a lot by using actions, attracted to sounds and following simple to complex. They use certain techniques which serve as an active medium for making dance learning fun and simple. This is done through use of an integrated approach where kids are able to recognize various dance styles and also learn related dance forms and new trends through various approaches.

Dance is an involvement of beautiful face expressions, hands and body coordination and appropriate movements. There are also some kids who never danced before and they also feel nervous and stage fear when they have to dance. But they need not to worry about anything because kids dance academy at Calgary is a place where teachers put a lot care and attention in making the classes fun, easy and friendly for every kid. The kids will also learn rhythms and musicality coupled with current techniques in a progressive way.